Macro Express Uses

Anything that you do repetitively on the computer, even if the sequence only requires a few steps, could be performed with a macro to save you time. Our clients have found thousands of ways to use the Macro Express software to assist them in automating their daily tasks. Read below to see how Macro Express can benefit you.

Programs and Windows

  • Launch a program with a macro. Or have the macro launch four programs at once. Or launch a program and start issuing commands directly to the program.
  • AutoCad users will fall in love with Macro Express! Use a two letter shortkey activation to execute your macros!
  • Set up hot keys to perform common functions in your programs.
  • Use Macro Express to copy and paste multiple times between two programs.
  • Schedule a macro to check email, perform a backup or run any other program unattended – when you need it done.
  • Press a key to shut down a program or programs or close a specific window.
  • Minimize or maximize the topmost window. Do so with just the press of a key. Or set up a macro to minimize or maximize any specific window.
  • Resize or reposition windows on your computer. With a touch of a key, any number of windows can be resized and positioned on the screen.
  • Give focus to a specific window that was buried under other windows.
  • Create macros to drill down through file menus, automate complicated sequences, etc.